Kalo Collection


Kalo, once abundant in Hawai‘i, was the primary food of the Hawaiian people and holds great cultural significance. According to the kumulipo, Hāloanakalaukapalili, the first born son of Wākea and Ho‘ohōkūkalani, was stillborn and buried after birth. From his body grew the first kalo plant.  Wākea and Ho‘ohōkūkalani's second child was named Hāloa after his older brother, and was the first Hawaiian man.

Our Kalo Collection is a tribute to Hāloa, our eldest brother, and the unique relationship we share with kalo. The holiday season is unique as it brings families together more than any time of the year. ‘Ohana originates from the word ‘oha, the bud or offspring that is produced from a mother kalo plant. Because of this, we felt it would be fitting to base our winter collection around kalo.

Our lau design is inspired by the distinct shape of the kalo leaf (lau), more specifically the lau kapalala or broad leaf which was one of the first names applied to first kalo plant. 

Our second design features the kalo's piko. This is where the leaf is attached to its stem. We interpret this as a constant reminder of our genealogy and connection to our past.