Kuahiwi Collection


The kuahiwi, or mountains, of our islands have always intrigued me. Growing up overlooking the Ko‘olau range on O‘ahu, its distinct shapes and unique beauty constantly caught my eye. The rolling hills and ridged peaks are graceful yet strong - truly representing the barrier between heaven and earth.

Since starting Kūlia, I've been wanting to capture our mountains in a collection and design that properly represents it. Our Kuahiwi Collection features a pattern that we feel captures the strength of the mauna while maintaining its grace. 

The contrast of light and dark colors throughout the pattern is a representation of how the mauna is spiritually and culturally significant to Hawaiians. The dark being the physical resources provided and the light being the spiritual symbol. 

When presented vertically, the pattern also reminds us of the shadows that fall from the Ko'olau ridges.

Breaks through the Kuahiwi pattern are also meant to represent the zones of a mauna that Hawaiians designate, like the mountain top, forest section, fern belt, grasslands, etc.



The political debate that has risen over the Thirty Meter Telescope has divided Hawaiʻi. We feel that as Hawaiians, we have an obligation to our kūpuna to educate the people of Hawaiʻi on how important Mauna a Wakea is.

Kū kiaʻi mauna.