Kūlia's New Logo Unveiled

Kulia Logo.png

We're excited to unveil the new logo for Kūlia Clothing Co.! Our team has worked for months to develop a modernized and simplified logo that embodies Kūlia's core values but also represents a brand that is uniquely rooted in Hawaiʻi culture. Designing a brand mark to work seamlessly across all platforms and help elevate our brand was key to the overall effort. 

At first glance, our new logo displays three distinct peaks. Each peak represents Kūlia's three moral pillars (culture, education and innovation). The highest peak, located in the center of the logo, stands for the nuʻu (summit) all of us are continuously striving towards. Resting beneath the peaks are two triangles, representing Papa and Wākea, the “base and bedrock” of Hawaiian genealogy.

At a second glance, our logo can also be seen as a crown. This imagery reminded us of the ‘ōlelo no‘eau, “he aliʻi ka ʻāina, he kauwā ke kanaka,” translated to “the land is a chief, and man is its servant.” A fitting reminder that if we neglect the ʻāina, then the ʻāina will neglect us.

We hope you enjoy our new logo as much as we do!